Meet our VentureConnect Cluj Startups!

We are very happy to present the five startups attending VentureConnect Cluj, on October 12, in City Plaza Hotel. Doug Richard, a famous investor and entrepreneur, together with Sergiu Biris, one of the most successful and talented Romanian entrepreneurs, will share with us a couple of their business secrets.

If you wish to participate in the event, please register here: For more information, please download our event agenda.


ShareYourCart’s mission is to generate loyal customers for e-commerce websites, by leveraging the power of Social Media and the influence of Coupon Hunters. The project launched in may 2011 as a proof of concept, and it’s first phase of the development focuses on attracting coupon hunters directly on e-commerce websites, away from daily deal ones. builds Social Smartsites. As a business, targets both consumers and small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). applies Social Gaming principles, keeping users engaged through incentivized actions and active emailing, blog and social media marketing. Through a diversified revenue model, Cif2 has built business models catered to both consumers and SMEs. The Beta Version of was launched in October 2010.


SociaLook is a contact discovery tool that allows users to discover relevant contacts in a company by combining the social graph with employment, investment and other data. The product shows social media profiles of professionals, enabling easy discovery of active/influent people.


TrustBroker is an online service for protection and overall control of personal data, regulatory compliance and extended management for the operations with such data. TrustBroker provides these services through an integrated environment, comprised by the website, browsers plugins, and the mobile and other platforms applications. The system is designed is such a way that data is secured and the operations are available exclusively on a consent basis. It is going to minimize the contact of the operators with the raw personal data, but still making it available for their operational needs.

Taxi Dispatching System

The goal is to develop a software platform that will improve the activity of a taxi call center by processing more orders and automatically dispatching to the active cabs on the road. It is an online service accessible for both Businesses and End users. The core functions are the service access in an efficient manner and various scheduling options. Besides those, there are side services that will grow and get more focus as the service gets more usage.

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    Thank you for your interest in VentureConnect. The final edition will take place on 23rd of November, at Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest. In order to confirm your participation, please fill in the following details.


  • Who should apply?

    Entrepreneurs with ongoing businesses and developing projects in the IT/Internet/Technology areas who are in search of more than EUR 250,000 for expansion capital.

    Together with GECAD Group, we are launching a new funding opportunity for startups in the fields of software, web, technology and ecommerce. The seed investment grated through VentureConnect starts with EUR 50.000 for each session.

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  • Application Process

    Close to Cluj? Select VentureConnect Cluj button on the homepage. Send your application form by October 2nd. VentureConnect Cluj is organized on 12th of October. Attendance is free of charge.

    Close to Timisoara? Select VentureConnect Timisoara button on the homepage. Send your application form by October 7th. VentureConnect Timisoara is organized on 19th of October. Attendance is free of charge.

    Interested in coming to Bucharest directly? Select VentureConnect Bucharest button on the homepage. Send your application form by November 15th.

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  • Testimonials

    Călin Ştefanescu, CEO TJobs, advises Romanian entrepreneurs: The first event held in June 2010 was an excellent initiative, with well selected entrepreneurs offering a balanced choice of local and international potential.

    Stefan Cordier, from Lime&Tonic believes: "I was thoroughly impressed with the organization of the event, the caliber of investors present, and the great ventures presented by the entrepreneurs. We had lots of follow-up meetings with investors & left with very positive feelings that we will close additional investment. Well worth the trip.

  • Eligibility Rules

    This autumn, VentureConnect announces two local meetings: in Cluj-Napoca on 12th of October and in Timisoara on 19th of October. The two VentureConnect local editions are a selection for the final competition in Bucharest, on 23rd November.

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  • Venture Connect is an initiative of: Biris Goran