GECAD with VentureConnect announce new funding opportunities

GECAD Group, in collaboration with VentureConnect, are launching a new funding opportunity for startups in the fields of software, web and ecommerce. For each of the two major biannual events organized under the umbrella VentureConnect for the next three years, GECAD Group will allocate a seed type investment of 50.000 Euro, and including the chosen startups in a sustained program of guidance and mentoring business activities.

The financing program initiated by GECAD Group will debut at the event VentureConnect taking place in Bucharest on November 23, 2011. In October, VentureConnect will hold two local editions, followed by the first in Cluj, Timisoara, the objective being to select the most valuable local startups to be present in the final in Bucharest.

The seed investment offered by GECAD Group, along with mentoring and advice throughout the business to be undertaken with selected companies, aim to identify technological or business projects valuable, innovative and truly global impact.

“We will focus our attention on those projects or companies that deal with software and eCommerce web technologies with a sustainable business concept, an innovative product or service found even in the pilot stage, geographically unbound country – mother, with potential international development, “says Radu Georgescu, Chairman GECAD Group.

Among the objectives of collaboration GECAD Group – VentureConnect we can mention the creation of an annual opportunities that startups have access to, program funding and mentoring businesses entering the global market in IT and software, attracting investors from Eastern Europe, and entrepreneurial spirit growth in the region.

“We are really confident in the talent and technological skills of young entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe, but also in their ability to come up with innovative business ideas and economically viable. We also believe it is time to showcase Romania in a totally different light. Together with GECAD Group, we want not only to financially support the projects chosen, but also to advise and to present them to other potential investors as they show significant signs of growth, “said Ana Maria Andronic, Senior Associate Biris Goran.

  • Confirm your attendance

    Thank you for your interest in VentureConnect. The final edition will take place on 23rd of November, at Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest. In order to confirm your participation, please fill in the following details.


  • Who should apply?

    Entrepreneurs with ongoing businesses and developing projects in the IT/Internet/Technology areas who are in search of more than EUR 250,000 for expansion capital.

    Together with GECAD Group, we are launching a new funding opportunity for startups in the fields of software, web, technology and ecommerce. The seed investment grated through VentureConnect starts with EUR 50.000 for each session.

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  • Application Process

    Close to Cluj? Select VentureConnect Cluj button on the homepage. Send your application form by October 2nd. VentureConnect Cluj is organized on 12th of October. Attendance is free of charge.

    Close to Timisoara? Select VentureConnect Timisoara button on the homepage. Send your application form by October 7th. VentureConnect Timisoara is organized on 19th of October. Attendance is free of charge.

    Interested in coming to Bucharest directly? Select VentureConnect Bucharest button on the homepage. Send your application form by November 15th.

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  • Testimonials

    Călin Ştefanescu, CEO TJobs, advises Romanian entrepreneurs: The first event held in June 2010 was an excellent initiative, with well selected entrepreneurs offering a balanced choice of local and international potential.

    Stefan Cordier, from Lime&Tonic believes: "I was thoroughly impressed with the organization of the event, the caliber of investors present, and the great ventures presented by the entrepreneurs. We had lots of follow-up meetings with investors & left with very positive feelings that we will close additional investment. Well worth the trip.

  • Eligibility Rules

    This autumn, VentureConnect announces two local meetings: in Cluj-Napoca on 12th of October and in Timisoara on 19th of October. The two VentureConnect local editions are a selection for the final competition in Bucharest, on 23rd November.

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  • Venture Connect is an initiative of: Biris Goran