Doug Richard, Nelson Gray and Emi Gal attend VentureConnect Bucharest

VentureConnect announces new important guests for the meeting on November 23 at Hotel Intercontinental: Doug Richard (School for Startups founder), Nelson Gray and Emi Gal are participating in the final VentureConnect meeting in Bucharest.

Nelson Gray ( is business-angel, mentor and also actively involved in many business ventures, both through large investment strategies as well as advisory programs. As a business angel, Nelson has made over 20 investments in new or developing companies. In 2008, Nelson was awarded the title of “Business Angel of the Year 2008″ by the European Business Angel Network (EBAN).

Emi Gal, CEO of the Romanian startup Brainient whose company is one of the very few Romanian startups which has been financed by investors from Silicon Valley as well as London, will deliver a presentation about his company’s evolution, about the main opportunities and challenges in developing a business and the international strategies to attract the attention of investors from Western Europe and the United States of America.

“It has been two years since I moved from Romania. In these two venturous years, I have learned how to master business ‘in the real world’. On November 23, at VentureConnect, I will try to summarize two years in mere twenty minutes.” mentioned Emi Gal, CEO Brainient.

“We are delighted for startups that we have met in the two local meetings (Cluj and Timisoara), but also for projects that were submitted so far for the final meeting in Bucharest. Moreover, with the VentureConnect board members, we have tried to bring to Bucharest investors interested in the European startups and create an appealing context for other local businesses to enter the international market. The first step was the collaboration started with GECAD Group ( and providing investment funds worth 300,000 EURO for the following three years for businesses participating in VentureConnect. “said Ana-Maria Andronic, Senior Associate Biriş Goran.

Entrepreneurs who want to participate for the VentureConnect meeting may submit their applications until November 11, following the steps detailed here:

  • Confirm your attendance

    Thank you for your interest in VentureConnect. The final edition will take place on 23rd of November, at Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest. In order to confirm your participation, please fill in the following details.


  • Who should apply?

    Entrepreneurs with ongoing businesses and developing projects in the IT/Internet/Technology areas who are in search of more than EUR 250,000 for expansion capital.

    Together with GECAD Group, we are launching a new funding opportunity for startups in the fields of software, web, technology and ecommerce. The seed investment grated through VentureConnect starts with EUR 50.000 for each session.

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  • Application Process

    Close to Cluj? Select VentureConnect Cluj button on the homepage. Send your application form by October 2nd. VentureConnect Cluj is organized on 12th of October. Attendance is free of charge.

    Close to Timisoara? Select VentureConnect Timisoara button on the homepage. Send your application form by October 7th. VentureConnect Timisoara is organized on 19th of October. Attendance is free of charge.

    Interested in coming to Bucharest directly? Select VentureConnect Bucharest button on the homepage. Send your application form by November 15th.

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  • Testimonials

    Călin Ştefanescu, CEO TJobs, advises Romanian entrepreneurs: The first event held in June 2010 was an excellent initiative, with well selected entrepreneurs offering a balanced choice of local and international potential.

    Stefan Cordier, from Lime&Tonic believes: "I was thoroughly impressed with the organization of the event, the caliber of investors present, and the great ventures presented by the entrepreneurs. We had lots of follow-up meetings with investors & left with very positive feelings that we will close additional investment. Well worth the trip.

  • Eligibility Rules

    This autumn, VentureConnect announces two local meetings: in Cluj-Napoca on 12th of October and in Timisoara on 19th of October. The two VentureConnect local editions are a selection for the final competition in Bucharest, on 23rd November.

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  • Venture Connect is an initiative of: Biris Goran