Daniel Nicolescu on Product Management at Venture Mentoring

Daniel Nicolescu, Country Manager PayU Romania will attend this year’s fifth Venture Mentoring: “Product Management, from idea to launch”, held on April 25, starting at 15:00 at the Foundation Post Privatization.

During 2012, the Venture Connect Foundation launched new programs of interest to entrepreneurs and to investors: Venture Mentoring and AngelConnect.ro, a digital community of business angels in Romania and South East Europe.

 Venture Mentoring consists in bi-monthly sessions lead by a mentor brought by Venture Connect Foundation, in order to meet with entrepreneurs in search of answers and solutions to business problems they encounter.

The Venture Mentoring session led by Daniel Nicolescu aims to debate with the participants the concept of Product Managementby proposing to discuss topics such as the definition and role of product management, product life cycle (evaluation of ideas, building a business case, product definition, development and launching, maintenance and optimization) and also aims to achieve a potential future strategic business partnership or to establish concrete ways for business development.

In 2002, Daniel Nicolescu began his work at GECAD, a company started by Radu Georgescu (serial entrepreneur and member of Venture Connect Foundation Board). Since 2005 he served as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) within Avangate. During his arrival at Avangate, many projects were still in an early stage, which allowed him to be actively involved in their development, propose solutions and understand the functionality of the company’s e-commerce platform.

In 2008, Daniel was promoted to Business Development Manager within the Avangate branch from the United States. In this new role, he focused on creating new opportunities for business expansion and on defining close ties with major customers of the company.

In November 2011, Daniel Nicolescu became Chief Product Officer at PayU Group, where he led various projects to increase the PayU activity into new verticals industry. By mid-2012, Daniel works within the Department of Strategic Partnerships and Development for the PayU Group. Since February 2013, Daniel holds the position of Country Manager PayU Romania.

During my work experience within the technology industry, product management played a radical role. I am happy to share my experience and knowledge with those who will attend the meeting: entrepreneurs, managers or young people who want to improve their knowledge. ” mentioned Daniel Nicolescu, Country Manager PayU Romania.

To register for the event, please visit our event page: www.ventureconnect.ro/events/venture-mentoring


ANIS Management and Leadership Training

Leadership and management are two notions that are often used interchangeably, although they are two different concepts. Can you be a good manager if you don’t have strong leadership skills? How can you lead your team towards success? What are the things that can motivate your employees on a long run?

To answer these questions, one of our supporters, ANIS Romaniahttp://www.anis.ro/ – is organizing a “Management and Leadership” seminar on 17th of May!

The sessions will focus on topics such as Employee Motivation (basic principles of Douglas McGregor, Maslow and Herzberg), Lifecycle of a Team (stages of team development, based on Tuckman’s model), Leadership styles (adopting the one that meets the needs of the moment, Hersey-Blanchard’s theory) and 10 Things Every Manager Should Know (practical tools to improve performance in management). All the theoretical approaches will be followed by practical examples.

Andrei Pitis, ANIS President since 2012 will be leading the workshop. With more than 20 years experience in the software and technology field, he is currently a business angel for several start-ups and also teaches at the Computer University of UPB – technical classes (Operating Systems) as well as management and leadership classes for a master program.

Participation fee is 150 Eur + VAT and for further details regarding the registration, please contact Oana Badea, Training Project Coordinator of ANIS oana[dot]badea[at]anis[dot]ro.