Venture Connect Foundation announces the launch of AngelConnect community

Venture Connect Foundation launches AngelConnect, the business-angels community that brings together members from Romania and South-East Europe. The initiative launching the community emerged in February 2012, AngelConnect being one of the most important projects for Venture Connect Foundation in 2012.

VentureConnect Foundation, one of the most important initiative from the Romanian entrepreneur environment, announces the launching of AngelConnect, a digital community created for business-angels from Romania and the regions nearby. AngelConnect community represents an extension of the activities developed around VentureConnect events and VentureMentoring mentoring sessions, providing continuity, on a medium and long term, for the direct interactions between entrepreneurs and potential local and nearby investors.

AngelConnect aims to become a platform for connection and communication between the two communities: entrepreneurs and investors and also a growing pylon for IT investments.

“Two years after launching VentureConnect, the first pitching initiative in the IT industry in Romania, we mark another milestone: AngelConnect. Through this project, VentureConnect Foundation addresses entrepreneurs looking for the right investors depending on the development of their business structure and the target audience, being also a community created to educate the Romanian entrepreneur environment and shaping a community of local investors. In the next period, VentureConnect Foundation will develop and expand more the functionality of AngelConnect platform and more functionality and based on community membership criteria the platform will bring together business angels with a real active interest for the support and finance the projects in the region” stated Ana Maria Andronic, founding member of VentureConnect Foundation and Senior Associate in the law firm Biriş Goran.

The network already counted 15 members; some investors are expected to join the initiative in the near future: Andreas Cser – Business Angel, Alexandre Almajeanu – Business Angel, Ciprian Ghețău – Business Angel and  Founder of Black Sea Capital, Maxim Gurvits – Business Angel and co-founder Eleven Accelerator, Gwidon Humeniuk – Business Angel and member in the investment board of Xevin Investments, Eleven Accelerator – Investment fund seed and accelerator, LAUNCHub – Investment fund seed and accelerator, Radu Georgescu – Founding Partner & Chairman GECAD Group, Marius Ghenea – Business Angels and FIT Distribution president, Péter Barta – Business Angel and director of Post Privatizare Foundation, Orlando Nicoară – Business Angel and General Manager Mediafax Group, Mihai Seceleanu – Founderof InternetCorp și Business-angel or Vlad Stan – Co-Founder Geekcelerator and Business-Angel.

“The benefits of the AngelConnect community membershipare numerous, ranging from a depth knowledge of companies needing investment and various investment opportunities with other potential investors, the knowledge of new ways of development in different segments of the IT industry” says Marius Ghenea, Business Angel and member of the  VentureConnect board.”

More information about AngelConnect and how an investor becomes a member of the community on the website: