Entrepreneurs Vs. Investors: Friday, 26 October

On 25th and 26th of October, there’s one event you should not miss:“Entrepreneurs Vs. Investors with Robert Hrisch”. The event will be held at Opera Plaza Hotel from Cluj-Napoca, on 25th of October and Marshal Hotel from Bucharest on 26th of October.

The main guest of the event is the entrepreneurship professor Robert Hrisch, a successful business man himself. Robert Hrisch’s activity is highly appreciated due to his director position at Walker Center for entrepreneurship at a global level and his Honorary Doctorate obtained at Cincinnati University, Chuvash State University (Russia) and University of Miskolc (Hungary). He has written over 25 specialized books and 300 articles about entrepreneurship, international management in business and risk capital which were published in journal such as The Academy of Management Review, California Management Review, Columbia Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Venturing, Sloan Management Review.

Robert Hrisch will approach major topics of interest for entrepreneurs and investors alike such as: How to start a business today, How to develop your business, How to finance your business, How to become a business angel. He will be answering questions about the mentioned topics together with some of the most successful business men and investors from Romania of which we mention: Marius Ghenea, Adrian Florea, Dragos Roua, Orlando Szasz, CristianNacu, Adrian Erimescu, Rucsandra Hurezean, Mihaela Perianu, Florentin Banu, Ovidiu Sandor, Silviu Hotaran, Razvan Tudor, Radu Tudorache,Voicu Oprean,Daniel Visoiu.

Participants will have the chance to attend at the debates held by Robert Hrisch and the entrepreneurs and investors invited, regarding the current situation of the Romanian business development.

Among the guests from “Entrepreneurs Vs. Investors” we are also very proud to have three Venture Connect Board members: Marius Ghenea, Dragos and Dan Visoiu, a licensed attorney in the bar of Florida and Bucharest and one of the   founding partners of Biris Goran.  Dan will be attending the 8th Venture Mentoring session, which will take place on 31st of October, where for several hours, he will be discussing legal problems that are often encountered in Romanian business, such as approaching the potential investors and the procedure required and other depending on the interest of the participants.

For more information on the meeting on Friday, visit the event’s website.