Pitching companies: November 2014

Very glad to present the six pitching companies that entered the stage and presented their businesses. To see live demo from the event, check out our Facebook page.


Getlokal is a user generated review site focusing on places and events. Getlokal serves consumers and businesses via a highly developed web site and mobile Apps. The majority of the content is written by other consumers so people feel confident in trusting the information.


59sec helps companies to answer leads under 59 seconds, boosting conversion rate. The potential buyer enters on the client’s site and fills up a form. Afterwards, 59sec notifies everybody from the allocated sales team via Push Notifications on mobile devices and visual/sound notifications on desktops.


Avandor calculates complex psycho-socio-demographic profiles for anonymous online users based only on the public pages they look at on multiple sites.


Memshare is an unified informatic system, created for managing three important aspects of your company: memory, communication and activity level.


Axosuits is an advanced Exoskeleton Suits which help paraplegics walk again. We are providing ease of use through more power and affordability by intelligent design.


Mobuy is a point-of-sale focused mobile marketing channel optimized for large retailers, helping them to connect with shoppers on-location. Mobuy integrates exclusive offers from some of the best brands, stores and restaurants.